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With the majority of our guests self-isolating, we will be running a FREE HOME DELIVERY SERVICE to our local community (Covering Kilmaurs, Kilmarnock, Knockinteber, Crosshouse, Fenwick, Stewarton, Dunlop, Cunninghamhead and Irvine). Take a look at our full listing of products including local groceries and off sales. If you prefer to send an SMS order you can do it on 07760 880 282 between 10am-10pm.

Please be aware of the following conditions of sale before ordering:

  1. Order by midnight for next day delivery. Delivery Days: Thurs-Mon. (No Delivery on a Tues or Wed)
  2. Please note, our delivery driver has the right to ask for proof of ID for all orders that contain alcohol, failure to provide this will result in no alcohol being left with the customer.
  • Loaf of White Bloomer Bread

    Loaf of White Bloomer Bread

    Price: £1.95

  • 2ltr Milk

    2ltr Milk

    Please note, we try our best to keep our stock levels up. However, if your choice of milk isn’t available an alternative will be given.

    Price: £1.50

    Choose from

  • 250g block of butter

    250g block of butter

    Price: £2.50

  • 6 eggs

    6 eggs

    Price: £1.00

  • 6 Potato Scones

    6 Potato Scones

    Price: £1.00

  • 300g Flour

    300g Flour

    Price: £1.00

    Choose from

  • 200g Baking Powder

    200g Baking Powder

    Price: £1.50

  • 400g Block of Cheddar

    400g Block of Cheddar

    Price: £4.50

  • Woody’s Ice Cream 120ml

    Woody’s Ice Cream 120ml

    Price: £1.40

    Choose from

  • Woody’s Ice Cream 500ml

    Woody’s Ice Cream 500ml

    Price: £3.50

    Choose from

  • 2 raw chicken breasts

    2 raw chicken breasts

    Price: £4.00

  • 6 Rashers of Ayrshire Bacon

    6 Rashers of Ayrshire Bacon

    Price: £2.00

  • 500g Jim Nisbet Butcher Mince

    500g Jim Nisbet Butcher Mince

    Price: £4.50

  • 6 Slices Jim Nisbet Butcher Slice

    6 Slices Jim Nisbet Butcher Slice

    Price: £2.50

  • Salmon Fillet

    Salmon Fillet

    Price: £3.00

  • Haddock Fillet

    Haddock Fillet

    Price: £2.00

  • BBQ Butchers Pack

    BBQ Butchers Pack

    2 burgers, 2 Italian style burgers, 2 Chinese chicken, 2 hot and spicy chicken, 2 Hot and spicy pork links 2 chicken kebabs, 2 Chinese chicken, 2 Chinese pork chops

    Price: £15.00

  • 6 Slice Haggis

    6 Slice Haggis

    Price: £2.00

  • 6 Slices Black Pudding

    6 Slices Black Pudding

    Price: £2.00

  • Bag of Potatoes

    Bag of Potatoes

    Size and type can change depending on supply

    Price: £2.00

  • Bag of Carrots

    Bag of Carrots

    Approx 6 depending on size

    Price: £1.50

  • Bag of Onions

    Bag of Onions

    Approx 3 depending on size

    Price: £1.50

  • Whole Turnip

    Whole Turnip

    Price: £1.25

  • Green Beans

    Green Beans

    Price: £1.50

  • Bag of Tomatoes

    Bag of Tomatoes

    approx 6 depending on size

    Price: £1.50

  • Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

    Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

    Price: £1.50

  • Tin Chopped Tomatoes

    Tin Chopped Tomatoes


    Price: £0.59

  • Cucumber


    Price: £1.50

  • Box mixed salad leafs

    Box mixed salad leafs

    Price: £1.50

  • Bag mixed peppers

    Bag mixed peppers

    Approx 3 in bag colour and size depending on supply

    Price: £2.00

  • Wild Mushrooms Pack

    Wild Mushrooms Pack

    Price: £2.50

  • Banana


    Price: £0.40

  • Apple


    Price: £0.30

  • 4 Pack luxury Toilet Rolls

    4 Pack luxury Toilet Rolls

    Price: £2.50

  • Luxury Handwash

    Luxury Handwash


    Price: £4.50

  • Fairy Liquid 433ml

    Fairy Liquid 433ml

    Price: £1.29

  • 40 Tea Bags

    40 Tea Bags

    Price: £1.00

  • Nescafe Original 50g

    Nescafe Original 50g

    Price: £2.19

  • McVities Digestives

    McVities Digestives

    Price: £1.39

  • Sugar 1kg

    Sugar 1kg

    Price: £1.00

    Choose from

  • Vegetable Oil 1Ltr

    Vegetable Oil 1Ltr

    Price: £1.59

  • Table Salt 750g

    Table Salt 750g

    Price: £0.59

  • 200g Box Dried Rice/Pasta

    200g Box Dried Rice/Pasta

    Price: £1.00

    Choose from

  • 300g Red Lentils

    300g Red Lentils

    Price: £1.25

  • Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 430ml

    Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 430ml

    Price: £2.75

  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup 460g

    Heinz Tomato Ketchup 460g

    Price: £2.19

  • 200g Heinz baked beans

    200g Heinz baked beans

    Price: £1.00

  • HP Sauce

    HP Sauce

    Price: £1.45

  • 70ml Spirits

    70ml Spirits

    Price: £3.00

    Choose from

  • Franklins & Sons Mixers

    Franklins & Sons Mixers


    Price: £1.00

    Choose from

  • Highland Spring

    Highland Spring

    1 Ltr

    Price: £2.00

    Choose from

  • Highland Spring

    Highland Spring


    Price: £1.00

    Choose from

  • Soft Drinks (24 pack)

    Soft Drinks (24 pack)

    N.B - Diet Coke is short dated therefore discounted

    Choose From

  • 4 x 275ml WKD Blue

    4 x 275ml WKD Blue

    Price: £4.99

  • 6 x 275ml VK Ice

    6 x 275ml VK Ice

    Price: £6.00

  • Wooha Beers

    Wooha Beers

    £1.75 each bottle or choose 4pkt (1 of each) for £6

    Price: £1.75

    Choose From

  • 4 x 568ml Fosters

    4 x 568ml Fosters

    Price: £5.50

  • 4 x 330ml Peroni

    4 x 330ml Peroni

    Price: £6.69

  • 4 x 568ml Strongbow

    4 x 568ml Strongbow

    Price: £5.50

  • 4 x 568ml Strongbow Dark Fruits

    4 x 568ml Strongbow Dark Fruits

    Price: £6.75

  • Cocktail Masterclass Kit

    Cocktail Masterclass Kit

    Kits includes: All Spirits, Mixers, Fruit & Ice. Your first pack also includes Weston Glassware. At home, you will need a wooden, dessert and teaspoon.

    Price: £25.00

  • Cullinan View Chenin Blanc

    Cullinan View Chenin Blanc

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Antonio Ridge Pinot Rosato

    Antonio Ridge Pinot Rosato

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Rugged Ridge Zinfandel

    Rugged Ridge Zinfandel

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Berri Estates Shiraz

    Berri Estates Shiraz

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Montepulciano


    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Corte Vigna Merlot

    Corte Vigna Merlot

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Pulpo Sauvignon

    Pulpo Sauvignon

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Berri Estates Chardonnay

    Berri Estates Chardonnay

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

  • Parini Pinot

    Parini Pinot

    70cl Bottle

    Price: £9.99

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Come and enjoy a friendly and enjoyable visit at the Weston Tavern. Host John Cairns and the team, welcome regular patrons and new visitors to relax in the Weston’s genuine rustic interior, with its dark stone floor and thick, warm walls, wood features, soft furnishings and a heart-warming, wood-burning fire.

In the restaurant out rustic theme continues, with cosy seating and beautifully appointed tables offering a truly relaxing and enjoyable dining experience, whatever the occasion, with children always welcome.

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