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The Weston was originally the Kilmaurs manse and home to the noted reformist minister, David Smyton or Smeaton, who was a contemporary of Scotland’s national bard and Ayrshire’s most famous son, Robert Burns.

Today the historic old building has been transformed, with great care and consideration, into a beautiful classic country pub and restaurant.

Located in the heart of the quiet Ayrshire village, it sits next to the jougs, the distinctive former jailhouse and tollbooth at Kilmaurs Cross. Jougs were the iron collars which were padlocked round miscreants’ necks and you can still see a set hanging from the outside wall.

The Team At The Weston Tavern
Our winning team at the 2018 Scottish Hospitality Awards Night

Today, however, you can also be sure of a much friendlier and more enjoyable stay at the Weston, thanks to your host John Cairns and his helpful team, who are always glad to offer a warm welcome to regular patrons and new visitors.

Relax in the Weston’s genuine rustic interior, with its dark stone floor and thick, warm walls, wood features, soft furnishings and a heart-warming, wood-burning fire.

Through in the restaurant, the Weston’s rustic theme continues, with cosy seating and beautifully appointed tables offering a truly relaxing and enjoyable dining experience, whatever the occasion, with children always welcome.

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